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Dihang River

Dihang River

Dihang river also known as the Burhi Dihing and Dihong which means the wide river is one of the most significant tributaries of the Brahmaputra River in the Upper Assam in northeastern India. Its length is about, 380 kilometers(240 miles). The origin of the river is 2,375 meters(7,792 feet) above the sea level located in the eastern Himalayas known as the Patkai Hills situated in Arunachal Pradesh. the place of origin is known as Dihangmukh. Creating a number of oxbow lakes the watershed of the Dihang river covers about 6,000 square kilometers(2,300 sq miles).

Several things like Jeypore-Dihang Rainforest, Numerous Petroleum Fields, Wet-Paddy Fields, Bamboo Orchards, and Tea Gardens provide a unique landscape along the river. Lachan village, Teteliguri village, Rangadaria village, Miripathar village, Khalihamari village, Rajabari village, Ghalghali village, Nowpara village, Ahom Pathar the village, Lai Bill village are situated right side bank of the river and Jokai village, Modhupur Baragharia F.V village is situated left bank side of the river.

Dihang River Map

Dihang River Map
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Tributaries of Dihang River

  1. Disang River
  2. Dikhou Rivre
  3. Disai River
  4. Dhansiri River

History Of Dihang River

According to the geographical and historical records, the Dihang river was once flowing through the entire Upper Assam and then met the Brahmaputra at Mahuramukh in Bokakhat. The river in the 17th century dried as mentioned in Buranjis and changed course to join with the Brahmaputra river at Dihangmukh.

Bridges and Crossings on Dihang

S.N. StructureName Chainage(km) Location Length Width Noofpiers
1 RailBridge 41.480 KutuhakachariVillage 288.20 6.30 5
2 RCCBridge 41.610 KutuhaKachariVillage 236.30 8.18 5
3 RCCBridge 54.586 KowarKharoniVillage 504.20 8.50 10
4 SteelBridge 102.625 CheerikaBeelVillage 661.6 3.13 11
5 RCCBridge 108.730 MerbilMajuliVillage 273.93 8.25 8
6 RailBridge 109.136 MohamaraVillage 339.90 5.89 6

Major towns located on the bank of Dihang

Margherita Kumar Potty, Ledo, Makum PatharNo. 1, Niz Makum Gaon, Alubari GaonNo. 2 are considerable points associated in and around the catchment regions of polluted distance of the Dihang stream at Margherita in Tinsukia section. The average population along the polluted field of Dihang River at Margherita is as per Census 2011. Whereas the considerable towns connected in and around the catchment field of polluted field of Dihang River at Dibrugarh are Duliajan OIL city, Hatigarh Block, 1 No. Dulia, 2 No. Dulia, Rangajan No. 1, BordubiNo. 1 and Sarupathar Bengali. As per Census 2011, the approximate population is 40,356.

Stretch of waterway imperishable or non-imperishable/ flow attainable/ water Usage in the field

The whole Dihang river plain is perennial. The most discharge of the stream is 3151.58 Cum. It's similarly observed that even during the arid season, the stream maintains 50 of the normal flow reported.

Irrigation practices in the Dihang river

The high quantity of discharge and water level of the stream can be of good use 
for good irrigation practices for the people.

Water Quality Stations (WQS) Dihang River

The water grade monitoring will contain following parameters, which shall be covered at monthly interim or as and when needed. The one whole unit to be bought and identified parameters to be covered at sketched sampling positions. The sampling stations are Dihang River at Margherita Dihang river at downstream of Tinsukia Dihang river at input point of OIL, Duliajan The parameters to be covered are as follows.

  1. PH 6Bio-Chemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) 
  2. Turbidity 
  3. Faecal coliform 
  4. Conductivity 
  5. Total coliform 
  6. Temperature 
  7. Dissolved Oxygen (DO) 

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